On November 15, the 123 Precinct had their community meeting at our church.  The following points were made:

There will be a two month break from meetings in December and January.  The next meeting will be February 21, 2023.

The Toy Drive is beginning.  Please bring your toys to the precinct by Saturday December 17.

If you are interested in the 6 week citizen’s course please contact the precinct.

The Tottenville high school shooting investigation is ongoing.

Burglaries are up.  Please be vigilant with your keys.  Thieves are taking them from parked cars and using them to enter houses.  Do not leave them in your car.

If you know someone who is being cyber bullied please call the precinct — they can help.

There will be another branding of catalytic converters.  This makes it easier to trace a stolen one.  Please watch the Facebook page for more information.



On October 22 our church held its annual Truck or Treat festival.  Thanks so much to our local Girl Scouts who provided the supper cool werewolf and for helping with the cars of candy, and the pumpkin patch decorating.  We had about 1,000 people pass through and enjoy the warm weather.  Loved all the kids in their adorable and unique costumes.   Other fun stuff included a bouncy house, local stores that introduced their merchandise, and picture taking.  A special thanks to everyone who helped out.  Looking forward to seeing everyone next year.




Thanks to Carol who decorated the front of our church for Halloween/Thanksgiving.








From Pastor Peggy Laemmel:

Thank you to the St. Paul’s church for planting this beautiful weeping cherry in honor of my Brother Bruce who passed away July, 2022.  Bruce was a staunch conservationist who as a landscaper would save all the trees he could and replant them whenever possible.  Instead of flowers we asked people to plan a tree in his memory.  Bruce had been to Japan and especially loved the Japanese cherry trees.  May this one provide beauty for many years to come.


The Wildflowers that the Girl Scouts planted by our side door are showing their beautiful fall colors.  Thanks so much to our local Troops 5294 & 5118!!







October 18 was the 123 Precinct Community Meeting.  Information given:  Burglaries are up and car thefts continue to be a problem.  Please lock your car and don’t leave your keys or personal belongings in your vehicle. (This is the cause of many robberies in our area)  The 123 Precinct distributed 106 backpacks with school supplies.  If you would like to donate school supplies for this annual event you may drop off supplies at any time to the Precinct headquarters on Main Street.


October 16 was our 163 Anniversary/Birthday of our church.  We celebrated with a special communion service and the opening of our Sunday School, followed by Birthday cake during fellowship.  Happy Birthday to Us!

September/October 2022   Thank you to Carol and Jeanie for setting up our fall decorations on our altar!


September 20, 2022: The 123 Precinct has started their monthly meetings for the community in our social hall.  The meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month, starting at 7:00 pm.  This is the time to find out about programs, crime rates, and what we as citizens can do to make Tottenville safer.  Hope to see you there!

August 2022:  Thanks to Sheryl Clark who planted beautiful flowers for the summer in our planter.